Construction Management

Our Construction Management services leverage the strengths of all parties involved in the project, providing you with the best and most effectively managed project plan.

Our lasting client relationships and industry reputation speak to our commitment to delivering outstanding results on time and within agreed-upon budgets.


  • The client has time to review requirements and select from various design and construction options
  • Work can be started before the design and the drawings are completed
  • There is less chance for a dispute over the costs of changes

The Cada Process

  1. Getting Started. We will arrange to meet in the place of your convenience: your home, your office or the job site. We start with an understanding of your ideas, your concerns, and your needs. During this first step, items such as your budget, timing, special needs or materials will be discussed.
  2. The Proposal and Options. At this step, we will develop a scope of work and rough budget estimates. We will present you with options that meet your requirements and advise on areas where you can save or where you should consider investing. We will ensure that the latest in construction techniques as well as material and design options are reviewed and taken into consideration with you.
  3. Starting and Completing the Project. It is essential to have a good plan from start to finish. Detailed estimates and well-documented scopes of work provide exact specifications, reference documents and dependable budgets. We will keep you involved and informed every step of your project with regular communications and reports.
  4. The Final Product. Your project is not finished until you are satisfied. Although you will have been involved throughout the project, there is always a Final Inspection. In this step, you will be guided through an inspection of the project to identify any deficiencies or incomplete items to be resolved before final sign-off.

Customer satisfaction is the most important goal throughout the entire project lifecycle.

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Construction Management

    Construction Responsibility

    1. Planning Phase

    • Conducts preliminary planning
    • Budgets, schedules, operations, alternatives and sub-trades
    • Plans, schedules, coordinates and supervises
    • Provides technical and clerical support services

    2. Design Phase

    • Liaises with owner/architect/government
    • Budgets
    • Updates and finalizes the Master schedule
    • Evaluates alternatives, cost breakdown and cash flow
    • Advices on variables

    3. Construction Phase

    • Obtains permits, maintains safety
    • Pre-orders material as required
    • Plans, schedules, and supervises work
    • Prepares documents for sub-trade tender and recommends sub-trades
    • Settles construction disputes
    • Maintains maintenance manuals
    • Rectifies deficeniences

    4. Post-Construction Phase

    • Issues certificate of completion
    • Prepares for handover to owner
    • Administers warranties
    • Settles construction disputes
    • Maintains maintenance manuals
    • Rectifies deficiencies

    Role of the Construction Manager

    Advising Responsibility

    • Consults with the owner and the architect or designer
    • Makes recommendations, provides estimates and schedules work
    • Conveys knowledge of both the Building Code and the Fire Marshall’s code
    • Recommends reliable trade contractors
    • Operates in the best interest of the owner

    On-Site Responsibility

    • Organizes the job site
    • Supervises the job site
    • Maintains and updates schedules

    Administration Responsibility

    The construction manager administers progress billings, cost statements and change orders.

    Agreement between the construction manager and the client will be based on the CCDC (Canadian Construction Documents Committee) review and covers all areas. Fee can be on a fixed basis, a percentage basis or a combination of both.



    Ian and I are awestruck with the transformation that has occurred this week on our project. The spaces are lovely, just lovely. Linda Chapman’s design is turning out to be just what we envisioned from the drawings, and the workmanship of Clark’s team is superb. Thank you!

    - Elaine and Ian Homeowners

    The Cada Warranty

    At Cada Construction, our goal is for you to have as trouble-free an experience with us as possible. We do however, realize that it’s not uncommon for adjustments to be required after the construction period.  We are here to support you – long after the completion of your project.